harumo imai | 今井晴萌

photo by Haruki Shimokoshi

photo by Haruki Shimokoshi

Saxophone Player / Composer



同年、ピアニスト葭葉愛子との双頭プロジェクトによるファーストアルバム、「original PROJECT BAND」をリリース(現在は完売)。

2017年より”菊池ひみこFunky Unit"加入。

現在は自身のグループをはじめ、コンテンポラリージャズバンド”The Future Jazz Quartet”のメンバーとしても精力的に活動している。



photo by Haruki Shimokoshi

photo by Haruki Shimokoshi

Harumo Imai is a saxophone player/composer. She began learning to play YAMAHA Electone at the age of three. At age thirteen, she began playing saxophone, and participated in a YAMAHA Electone live performance project for teenagers hosted by YAMAHA, which was her first experience performing at nightclubs with other musicians, playing both YAMAHA Electone and saxophone.

At sixteen, Harumo started playing mainly saxophone at nightclubs in her hometown Shiga, as well as nearby Kyoto. Soon after graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo and began performing more actively.

In 2016, She participated in VIXCAMPS, hosted by five-time Grammy winning bass player Victor Wooten, held in Nashville, Tennessee, US. She learned from Victor and other world-class musicians like Bob Franceschini and Jeff Coffin. After that, she visited LA to meet and play with many of the great local musicians there.

Presently, Harumo is playing various styles of music, including jazz, funk, soul, R&B, rock, fusion, and free improvisation. Although she currently lives in Tokyo, she often tours the west side of Japan for performances as both a band leader and side musician.

主な共演者 | Harumo has performed with...

Philip Woo(Maze featuring Frankie Beverly), Ashton Moore, Gerald Painia, Skip Martin(Kool & The Gang), Ralph Rolle(Nile Rodgers & CHICK), Roland Guerin, 吉川弾, 飯田一樹, 佐々木秀尚, 熊谷望, 工藤拓人, 矢吹卓, 田中栄二, 葭葉愛子, Von Baron, 森岡克司, 笹井BJ克彦, 菊池ひみこ, 村山義光, 菅沼孝三, 川口千里, Into the Night and others...